campus-guest-house-kituiThe Hostels, Staff Living Quarters and Guest house

The campus has a total of 12 hostels with a capacity of 80 students each (four students per room)
There are also staff houses comprising of forty six (46) three bedroom houses, and fifteen (15) two (2) bedroom houses.
There is also a fully furnished guest house for three visitors whose rates are Ksh 1,000 per night. Breakfast is provided on request.




Science Laboratories

science labThe campus has nine (9) modern and well equipped sciences laboratories for Plant Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Zoological Sciences and Microbiology Practicals








Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

computer-lab-kituiThe campus computer laboratory

In order to achieve our mission of providing quality education and training and in line with vision 2030, the campus has two fully equipped computer laboratories with a capacity of 100 students each. The campus is connected with optic fiber cable which provides high speed internet connectivity to the offices and computer laboratories. There are several hotspots strategically positioned in various locations in the campus to provide free wireless internet wifi to smart phone users.
The campus has cisco telephone connectivity which connects all the university campuses. This enhances communication between the campus and the main campus. 




The campus library

kitui-libraryStudents studying in the campus's library

The campus has an ultra- modern library which can accommodate 300 students in one sitting. The library is well equipped with books and other information literacy materials. The library has a large reading area and also has a computer laboratory used for accessing online books and for research work.





Water Supply

The main source of quality drinking water is Kitui Water and Sanitation Company Ltd. Storage of water was revamped when the underground tank with a capacity of 1,000,000 litres was constructed in 2017. The total water storage capacity in the campus is about 2 million litres comprising of the underground tank, 2 steel tanks, 1 concrete tank and 46 plastic tanks with the capacity of 1,000,000, 400,000, 150,000 and 366,000 litres respectively. A Kenyatta University water bowser with a capacity of 10,000 litres is parked in the university garage in readiness to outsource water in case of an emergency. The students therefore have adequate safe water for drinking, personal hygiene and laundry all the year round.


Power supply

Electricity is supplied by Kenya Power and Lighting Company Ltd. Power interruptions are contained when two standby generators automatically switch on thereby supplying electricity to the whole campus. A generator with a capacity of 150 Kva supply electricity to the staff quarters while a bigger generator with a capacity of 500 Kva supply power to all other amenities. Uninterrupted power supply ensures academic endeavors are unabated.